Louise Acheson

Melbourne, Australia



What’s your context?

In a recent conversation, I was asked about my why, the reason for my research, but mainly the context that I bring to it. That got me thinking more deeply about ontology and how our individual ideologies impact and contextualise research. To that end, I thought I'd share my own context influencing my research...

Tools: End Note

What's the deal with digitised referencing softwares? I'm a convert! Find out what I've been trialling...

Planning and Organising

Thought it may be helpful to share the timetabling drafts I've set up within the One Note notebook I created. Not designed to be difficult, and really just a copy/pasted page piece to replicate throughout the year for the remaining... Continue Reading →

Getting Started

  Getting started was really hard for me. I don't know if this was exacerbated by a 10 year hiatus from academia and I was out of the way of things, I suspect this was indeed a contributing factor, or... Continue Reading →

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